Espanhol SC - Lusitano

Espanhol has extremely supple movements that flow effortlessly through his body. All three gaits are of the same superb quality, his back and hindquarters work flexibly - ready for "take off" at any time.

His character is of a true gentleman. Grooming, handling and simply being with him is always a great joy, one feels privileged to know him.

His colour is Buckskin, which means genetically he carries a recessive creme gene that may lighten up the Colour of his foals.

Espanhol (NIN 234038) is from the long-established breeder Mr. Sousa Cardoso. Espanhol lives and trains in Portugal.

"Working and schooling Espanhol is pure bliss..." Pedro Torres

Espanhol will reproduce from Portugal - We can offer chilled and frozen semen. Please contact +49(0)172 6110069 at your earliest convienience.


           APSL Espanhol

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