Espanhol SC - Lusitano

Our own Lusitano stallion Espanhol SC has arrived at our Gestüt Weng and is now trained by Miriam Wittmann - member of German Worldchampion Team Working Equitation.

Espanhol has extremely supple movements that flow effortlessly through his body. All three gaits are of the same superb quality, his back and hindquarters work flexibly - ready for "take off" at any time.

His character is of a true gentleman. Grooming, handling and simply being with him is always a great joy, one feels privileged to know him.

His colour is Buckskin, which means genetically he carries a recessive creme gene that may lighten up the Colour of his foals.

Espanhol (NIN 234038) is from the long-established breeder Mr. Sousa Cardoso.

For more information please contact Katja Drepper: or Tel. +49 (0)151 54411552


           APSL Espanhol

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