Our Way of Breeding Horses

"Breeding is Thinking in Generations"

2013 we founded our breeding programme for high class Iberian sports- and pleasure horses. Our stud farm is still quite young but we are already thinking in generations by selecting first class brood mares and stallions from Spain and Portugal. Working with Andrea Jänisch gave us a solid background of choosing, judging and schooling horses for our breeding project.

Our „Young-Horse-Schooling-Programme“ worked out with a lot of enthusiasm and a healthy intuition for the sometimes still concealed qualities of our horses -allows us to select our desired type of horse at a very early stage. It also enables us to establish a good and trustful basis in our young horses so that they can make their new owners happy with ease and confidence.

Our enthusiasm for the intelligence, sensitivity and docility of the Iberian horses encouraged us to breed our own Lusitan horses, PRE's and Iberian Sportshorses here in Weng. It makes us very happy to watch our horses grow, develop and to give them a wonderful start into life...


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